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Arctic Canada

Soper River (Meta Incognita Peninsula - Nunavut) 

Canadian Arctic
July 2 - 10 • July 15 - 23 July 29 - August 6

Baffin Island The Ultimate Northern Canoe Trip . . . Canada’s Baffin Island - now Inuit governed Nunavut Territory - lies to the north of the Labrador sea, and to the west of Greenland. It offers some of the earth’s most spectacular and dramatic glacial arctic landscapes. Rugged coastlines are indented with countless fiords; glaciers cover much of the wild interior. The rolling tundra glows with delicate arctic flowers and lichens - all illuminated by the sublime radiance of the midnight sun.

Inhabited by the proud and stalwart Inuit, Baffin Island is also home to the full range of arctic wildlife; caribou, seals, walrus and polar bears roam freely, and roughly 12% of the North American bird population breeds on Baffin. Renowned for its artists, the vibrant culture of the Baffin Inuit has produced some of the finest artists and sculptors in the North. Open canoeing on Baffin Island was virtually unheard of - until our first descent of the upper Soper River in July 1990.

Soper River ValleyThe Soper River Valley, on the Meta Incognita Peninsula, along the southern end of the island, directly across the Hudson Straight from the Ungava Peninsula, is considered one of the most beautiful pieces of terrain in the eastern arctic.

Proclaimed the “Oasis of Baffin Island”, the Soper River Valley receives both federal and territorial protection. This pristine valley is characterized by lush and delicately flowered tundra, intimate gorges, thin wisps of waterfalls cascading off terraced escarpments - lit by the soft glow of the summer northern light. The Soper River is moderate in terms of whitewater; comprised of many short, runnable Class I-II+ rapids - ideal for novices.

Canoes in BaffinAccess is via twin-engine Otter, equipped with “tundra tires”; landing directly adjacent to the river. The climate is surprisingly dry, and there are no black flies. The pace is fairly relaxed, allowing ample time for some spectacular side hikes, and excellent Arctic Char fishing.

As we approach the coast, and Soper Falls, we link up with local Inuit guides who escort us into the small, native community of Kimmirut, (formerly Lake Harbour.) This historic, traditional community has greeted whalers, missionaries, and traders since the 1860’s, and is renowned for its intense soapstone carvings. Offshore excursions, among icebergs and polar bears, are optional.

The trip meets in Ottawa, the evening prior; First Air scheduled flights, (group fares arrg. through Sunrise) take the party to Iqaluit, the bustling capital of newly formed Nunavut Territory, from which point the party embarks, via air charter to the river.

Boats on shore
Baffin Poler

$2850 ($4950 for two) (from Iqaluit, Nunavut)
Includes last night’s accom. in Iqaluit, N.T.
Trip meets in Ottawa, Ontario. Commercial flight to Iqaluit, Nunavut
FIRST AIR group airfare arranged thru Sunrise.
$700 Deposit Required.

Click here to download Itinerary & Logistics (pdf)

Northwest Territories
~ Western Canada's Heritage Classic ~

The Nahanni River

Considered one of the most spectacular rivers in the Canadian Heritage Rivers System, and one of the premier rivers in all of North America, the South Nahanni River is an icon of the Canadian wilderness.

Nahanni CanoersRising in the Selwyn Mountains, the Nahanni flows through the mountains and gorges of the MacKenzie Mountains. Within Nahanni National Park there are several strikingly different mountainous landscapes, four gorges, and the continent’s most spectacular undeveloped waterfall - Virginia Falls - nearly twice the height of Nahanni AnimalsNiagara. Numerous rapids, Canada’s deepest canyons, and hot springs are among other highlights of the river. The valley is dominated by geographical features so unique that the Nahanni was declared the first World Heritage Site by the United Nations. Its reputation as a land of mystery and romance is supported by names like Deadmans Valley, Headless Creek, Funeral Range, Hells Gate and Painted Canyon. Inhabited by moose, caribou, dall sheep, grizzly and black bear and a host of others, the Nahanni also has a rich human history with legends and lore inseparable from its physical beauty. Each expedition includes Virginia Falls, the canyons, and a visit to the small isolated First Nation community of Nahanni Butte. There are excellent opportunities for hiking throughout the trip, and for paddling long stretches of Class II -III whitewater. Overall, a classic Canadian canoe journey.

Nahanni River

7, 10, 14, 21 Day Trips available from mid-June through late August. (Inquire for scheduling)
$3170 to $4625 depending on length (incl. GST Tax)
Trips meet in Fort Simpson, NWT or Yellowknife, NWT

Click here to download Itinerary & Logistics (pdf)

Leaf & Vizien River Expedition

An Arctic barrens river flowing through the vast, windswept interior of the Ungava Peninsula's seldom explored interior-home to caribou, Arctic char, polar bear, northern lights, and the Inuit. Starkly beautiful, powerful, and immense, the Riviere Aux Fuelles (Leaf R.) represents one of the few remaining canoeing frontiers in North America- few have preceded us. The trip also offers an intimate glimpse of the Inuit community and culture . . . and the realities of northern life.  

Custom Scheduling Only - Mid Summer Mid-August; Custom Itineraries Available; 10 - 21 days.
Incls. Fly-In. Trip meets in Ottawa; commercial flight to Kuujuaq, P.Q.

Ungava: Arctic Quebec


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