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It is my pleasure to recommend most highly to you, and the Smithsonian Institution, Sunrise County Canoe Expeditions. I have been taking canoe trips with S.C.C.E for more than five years and, without exception,the trips have been extremely well run. S.C.C.E. Combines so many things that make for a wonderful trip: highly experienced and competent guides who place a premium on safety and carefulness; delicious food, well prepared; guides and guide assistants with a great knowledge of the outdoors and a warm positive spirit that makes for an extremely enjoyable group psychology; and intelligent selection of rivers and seasons in which to travel.

L. Busby, Philadelphia PA

Having paddled with Sunrise County Canoe Expeditions for ten years now, I find it hard to stop.
Each trip has brought a most pleasurable and rewarding experience. From what my fellow travelers tell me, they, too, have come away with a sense of satisfaction after such an adventurous and wholesome vacation.

The Rio Grande is a favorite among us veterans, as evidenced by the number of repeat trips we make. If warm weather, beautiful flora and dramatic scenery are of interest, then that's the place to be in spring.

On any trip which runs along smoothly the underlying planning and attention to safety that are so vital can easily go unnoticed. It is comforting to know that there are always back-up plans and extras of everything; and, most important, there is a total concern for the well being of clients. Rapids are viewed and assessed prior to descent; safety equipment is at the ready. In addition,clients are provided with advice and options in negotiating any challenging sections.

As for the guides, I have traveled with most of them on trips over the years and have always found them to be the embodiment of consummate skill, judgement and equanimity. Many of them have been with Sunrise County for years.

C. Johnson, Reading, MA


Your ability to teach movement on the water is exceptional. I would not have believed that we could have gained the mastery that we did in as short a time. You certainly delivered the technique you promised.

D. McGarvey, Washington, DC


Allow me to thank you once again for your superb personal effort in making certain our trip was a resounding success. There is nothing you could have done to further enhance the overall feeling that this was without doubt a supremely positive experience for all participants. My personal congratulations for an extremely well run organization.

From a businessman's perspective, I was eagerly anticipating the results of talking our management team on this atypical sojourn. I now state without any hesitation whatsoever that Merrill Lynch Canada will definitely make this an annual affair. To a man and woman, every single one of our participants has expressed to me that this expedition was not only one of the most effective business gatherings they have ever attended, but a personal best relative to any special experience in their own lives

You and your personnel created an atmosphere (and a challenge!) which fostered a high level of espirit de corps, teamwork and the development of close personal relationships. In addition to these obvious corporate benefits, we are still talking about the superb food, our newfound expertise as canoeists and the close personal attention given to all of us by your staff. I could write volumes in tribute to their obvious skills in handling a diverse group. It is also due to their effort that we all have a renewed appreciation for nature as well as having discovered a new adventurous sport which we will pursue for the rest of our lives.

Martin, my sincere appreciation for a perfect trip. The result exceeded our expectations by a wide margin.

J. Moir, Merrill Lynch Canada, Toronto, Ontario


The ability to instill confidence as well as create the necessary anxiety so that fine line of performance is realized to the best of one's ability is an uncommon trait that you and your staff possess.... I will remember this fall trip as one of the finest wilderness experiences ever.

K Gerrish, Woodstock, VT

I have participated, both corporately and personally, in trips run by this fine organization for some five years. The quality of service, the attention to detail, and safety which Martin Brown provides in his organizational A-1. All of the participants on the trips we planned were new to paddling, but thanks to the guidance of Martin and his team we all soon became quite proficient. ...We frankly would consider no other organization but S.C.C.E.

A.D. deWerth, Wood Gundy, lnc., Toronto, Ontario


On our home river, The Saint Croix and other Maine rivers 

I wanted to thank you and compliment you on the superb 7 day canoe expedition on the St. Croix we just completed. It was truly Glorious! and as advertised! just what I had hoped for!

I particularly wanted to say that our guides - Jamie and John - were just marvelous people; technically knowledgeable, totally professional, careful and responsible, superb cooks (with a flair!) and extremely good natured, affable and enjoyable people. The trip would have been quite different without the benefit of their companionship and guidance.

I certainly got what I hoped for. . I wouldn't change a single thing.

P.S. I snitched some brochures to pass among my friends!

C. von Hipple, Newton, MA


Wonderful river (St. Croix), superlative organization, loved your guides ... we will be returning for more sooner than later!

P. Churcher & C. Roberts, New York, NY


The entire Fall Foliage St. Croix River trip of September 19 - 24 seems still to be a mirage. It was, indeed, a beautiful experience. My compliments to you and your entire staff. To Rachelle Hunt and Tom Halleneback - the food was superb - instruction and guidance - patient and thorough. .. an unforgettable experience.

E Hallenbrand, Glenmoore, PA


I started out as such a nervous Nellie! . . . (but your guides) unstinting efforts to keep us dry, well-fed, safe and sound certainly gave us an enormous sense of security at all times. They could not have been better guides, cooks, and company. Their consideration and support of my daughter and I was super-nice. I really think that we owe the success of our Maine venture to their total commitment to all of us in the group.

V Innis, Houston, TX

Whenever someone asks me what was the best part of my time in America, I will remember fondly my special week on the St. Croix River

W Proppe, West Germany


I want to take the time to thank you for the truly unique experience on the St. John. Certainly, for myself it was entirely different from anything I had ever experienced, but one in which I learned a great deal and grew as well. I certainly have a deeper appreciation of the outdoor life and environment, and how precious a possession it is.


The degree of hard work and energy that you and your staff put into these expeditions is truly admirable. Even more remarkable is the fact that you do it with a considerable amount of flexibility and innovation.

R. L. Slavens, M.D., Syracuse, NY


The Saint John River was one of the few events of my life which I really valued to the point of wanting to go back and do over again.

I appreciate especially your and your staff's overall sense of enjoyment of the trip, the relaxed tempo which you set, and particularly the sense of humor which prevailed.

Thanks again for the wonderful trip.

G. Stane, New Cannon, CT


For me,the experience of canoeing on the Machias River far exceeded my expectations... I felt at the end of the trip stronger and more satisfied with myself, because I was beginning to learn the skills of canoeing in so short a time and was proud of all the little achievements.

S. O'Keefe, New York, NY


Absolutely loved our trip down the Machias River.. . Fabulous ... we had a marvelous time we will never forget. Our family will definitely return!

J Bentley, Cairo, Egypt


The trip down the St. Croix was the most wonderful vacation I have ever experienced. And, strangely, I am realizing that more as time goes by.

K. Hart, Roslindale, MA


What a fabulous week it was! As a newcomer to Maine, and to canoe travel, I can only tell you that the recent trip down the St. Croix was a delightful adventure in every way. I shall certainly look forward to returning in future summers.

R. Mills, Worcester, MA


On Our Quebec Trips..

  Thanks for organizing a superb Moisie River expedition, and special thanks to your guides. They were outstanding in every respect from teaching general canoeing techniques to safety, river rescue, great stories and great companionship. And they responded like professionals in a medical emergency when it was necessary to fly someone out.

The pace and serenity of this incredible river, the white water and the majestic scenery stand by themselves. The river has to be seen; words won't describe it. That goes also for the good quality food ... there was not one complaint on the trip from any member of our party. Thanks to all of you for a world class river trip.


B. Bourassa DMD,Ph.D., Boston MA

To Nels (our guide): I want to thank you and express my admiration to you, for making our Moisie trip a pleasure and success. I learned many new ways to cope with the wilderness, both on river and in camp. I believe your judgement was flawless while being well reasoned. Without your commitment, I am sure the trip would have lacked the vitality that showed every day. I am generally not free with compliments, nor do I usually concede that someone possesses such superior skill or knowledge. In this case, I have no hesitation in doing so. I admire your skill as a leader, canoeist, cook and friend. You made the trip an outstanding success for all of us.


M Jordan, Moraga, CA,

Once again, my thanks to you for your leadership, patience with a rookie, and your skillful imparting of wilderness ways in a rugged situation. Not since Navy days have I had such a challenging and rewarding experience.


C Bekkedahl Adm., U.S.N. ret.

Such beauty and interest, and for me at least, a high but proper level of physical demand. Your trip on the Chamachuane is remembered with appreciation, both personal and professional.

R. Thorensten, Delmar, NY


On The Rio Grande and Southwest..

Having returned recently from our week"s canoe trip on the Rio Grande River with S.C.C.E., we want you to know that it was a superb experience that even exceeded our expectations (and they were very high!). You run a first-class operation. Your guides, Tom & Lisa, were a wonderful team; their knowledge, skill, attitude, sense of responsibility for our safety, tact, and sense of humor ... The spectacular beauty of this scenic river, the canyons, the desert country, and the warm, sunny, and rainless weather all made for a delightful and memorable trip. We could go on and on, but the adjectives like superlative and wonderful, and a dozen others, might embarrass you. Truly successful in every respect. We plan to go again!

Dr. & Mrs. Kellogg, Bangor, ME


The Rio Grande ... one of the most memorable experiences of our long lives!! I even took the liberty of writing to Gourmet Magazine asking them to do an article on your trips and the miracles that appear at mealtimes! Our guides, Lisa, Tom, Brian, and Myron were most professional, dependable, FUN and a joy!!

N. & J. Milne, Norwich, VT


Another absolutely marvelous trip (on the Rio Grande); We enjoyed every minute of it. You always have such nice people and staff. We think it's wonderful that you folks have built up such a spectacularly successful operation!

E & R. Hawtin, Northeast Harbor, ME


We just completed our San Juan River trip... Truly amazing! Tremendously impressed with you, and the high caliber crew...very special people. An outstanding job handling all the myriad details and anticipating our every need, furnishing to us a wealth of information. The whole trip was very unique. very special! ... and the music added still another dimension!

A. Sanborne, Westboro, CT


I want to thank every one at Sunrise County for a terrific trip on the Rio Grande. Great weather, spectacular river....but the real "icing on the cake" was the excellent camaraderie of the crew and the clients... one of my best canoe trips ever.

D, Rothburg, Woodbridge, CT

I want to thank you for showing us so much beauty, we are so glad we took the Rio Grande trip - it was even more fabulous than we thought it would be.... a real treasure

C. Giancarlo. New York, NY


On Baffin Island & Other Northern Expeditions..

A note of thanks for an absolutely first-class canoe trip on the Soper River, Baffin Island. You billed it as the "ultimate northern canoe trip", and it lived up to its billing completely. I have traveled all over the world and have never enjoyed a trip more. I was particularly impressed by the flexibility and creativity of you and your guides... The trip was run like I try to run an operating room - with attention to every detail. Your concern for all involved and superb guiding are both much appreciated. We look forward very much to canoeing with you again in the near future - perhaps on the Rio Grande.

H. Goodman, M.D., Quincy, MA

Truly, truly awesome!! -M. Ewing, Boston, MA


Our trip on the Soper (Baffin Island) ... What a great trip!! I commend you for your organization, creativity and leadership. Moreover, from another in the service industry, I recognize the challenges you face in producing satisfied clients. Your challenge is perhaps magnified by the expectation of your clients. ... I cannot think of an outing, trip or holiday I have enjoyed more.

G. Miller. Uniglobe Travel Ottawa, Ontario


Once again I want to thank you and the entire group at Sunrise for what I have come to realize was one of the very best vacations I ever had.

C Dyer, St. Louis, MO


I really enjoyed everything about the week's trip on the Leaf River. In retrospect, the whole journey seems to have left emotional impressions not unlike those feelings that remain, like after-images, from viewing a movie that really moves you.

A Levine, New York, NY


On the Youth Program..

Thanks for introducing David to this whole different world. Since he's been back from his Maine adventures we have noticed many changes in him. He seems to have gained self-confidence from his weeks of surviving in the woods, learning so many new skills and making so many new friends ... this new respect he seems to have absorbed through you and your guides for others and for nature itself. Nothing but example could have taught him that. Again, we express our gratitude.

C Hutchinson, Haddonfield, NJ


I'm so happy that my son once again was able to experience the thrills of going down the Rio Grande, and accepting the responsibility of working as an apprentice guide. This arrangement, and his exposure to your expeditions, have added significantly to his maturation into adulthood. I want to sincerely thank you and your people for allowing Jeremy to be a part of your operation.

T Alcock, Thousand Oaks, CA


And Still More Comments..

Our pleasure to have known Martin Brown and S.C.C.E., Inc. for nearly 20 years. S.C.C.E. has provided University of Maine with experiences that have benefited both staff and students ... it's very valuable to us to continue relationships with good professional organizations like S.C.C.E.

K. Willard, Prof. of Rec. Management
University of Maine at Machias

I have been on a number of S.C.C.E.trips over the years, and have always been greatly impressed with the planning and follow through. Their Maine Guides were well trained, courteous, and patient with the participants. Cautious yet encouraging, . . . everyone is made to feel comfortable with their own level of expertise and skill. I particularly applaud their minimalist approach to camping and concern for the environment.

G. Whitehouse, Cambridge, MA


Poling has to be one of the greatest sports I have ever experienced. As you teach it... so fluid and delicate. Sometimes I wish I could pole my car through traffic.

B. Casey, Baltimore, MD


I even continue to be impressed by your clientele, not to mention your guides!

M Schuster, Manchester, NH


The trip on the Saint John River changed my life. I was going to be a farmer, but that might be too boring. I think that being a river guide might be a better choice for a guy like me. Your friend,

Robert (9 year-old), Fort Kent, ME

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