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Costa Rica

Tenerio & Pacuare Rivers
(& the Pacific Coast)

Costa Rica

A lush tropical paradise, situated between Panama and Nicaragua, Costa Rica is home to some of the most stunning rain forest and volcanic mountain scenery in the world. A small, friendly, democratic nation, with a long tradition of peace and political stability, Costa Rica boasts one of the most extensive national park systems in the world. Twelve thousand foot high mountains (several of which are still active volcanoes), along the continental divide, host awesome cloud forests teaming with exotic wildlife. From these mountains the rivers flow - through pristine jungle rain forest, spectacular gorges and canyons, through rich farmlands, and ultimately out to the sea. There is astounding eco-diversity; each type of forest containing its own separate, yet intertwined system of plant and animal life. Besides several species of monkeys, three-toed sloth, opossum, and jaguars, over 800 species of birds have been recorded, including 8 different species of native parrot.

In the early 80’s, prior to the country becoming known as one of the world’s premier eco-travel destinations, Sunrise was one of the first outfits to pioneer river running in Costa Rica. Now, in the year 2002, due to client demand, we have decided to once again return - offering a multi-faceted itinerary featuring two of its finest rivers.

Please inquire for trip dates and rates.

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For reservations and other information contact us at:

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