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Martin Brown, Director

Martin Brown, DirectorCathance Lake, Maine
Winter 2005

Dear friends and future patrons of Sunrise;

This will be our 34st season. Originally founded in 1973, (before the term “adventure travel” was even coined ), SUNRISE's origins were as a traditional Maine guiding outfit. As times changed, and peoples' taste in river travel became more eclectic, we “went with the flow” - evolving into a unique and valued resource for open canoeists. Although our current itineraries range from the High Arctic to the Rio Grande, our heritage still remains that of the legendary Maine Guides. Our “style” combines the best elements of traditional northern guiding and canoemanship, with contemporary whitewater and expedition techniques. We pride ourselves on our established international reputation as one of North America's premier expedition outfitters - specializing in trips solely for the open canoeist. Rivers are our business.

Appealing to a select and discriminating clientele, we strive to incorporate the highest degree of open canoe technique and expedition expertise with an uncommonly wide range of intriguing and exciting wild river destinations. While some seek the ultimate in spectacular surroundings and remote locales, other seem to crave the simple pleasures and quiet beauty of the smaller rivers. We also try to incorporate into our trips a cultural perspective, hiking, and other forms of wilderness travel. Essentially, we try to have something for everyone.

Our guiding staff, many of whom have been associated with SUNRISE for 15-25 years, include some of the Northeast's leading river professionals. We maintain the same commitment to individualized service that has characterized our operation since its earliest days. We enjoy serving our clientele - many of whom have become personal friends over the years. Our success would not have been possible without these resources - the ongoing services of a highly skilled, seasoned, and dedicated staff; and the gratifying loyalty of our clientele. We truly appreciate your continued interest and support.

Hopefully, you will find something within our offerings to spark your interest. Each year we add one or two new and very exciting “world-class” itineraries. As far as we're concerned, the desire to be “on river”, and to explore, is a basic element of human nature - why not appease it!


Thanking you, I remain,

Martin Brown



For reservations and other information contact us at:

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